National Realty Partners Online Owner’s Portal

National Realty Partners, (NRP) is happy to provide an owner portal for all owners.  This portal allows us to provide the most advanced and secure accounting and property management services possible.  The portal also helps ensure transparency for our Board Members and homeowners as you can access features of this portal at any time from any computer.

Several features offered by the portal include:

  • Convenient bill pay service including use of one time or recurring eCheck, credit card payments or auto draft.
  • An interactive communication tool between you and your Community Management Team
  • The ability to send service requests and view their status
  • The ability to submit architectural requests to your board or committee
  • A place to easily view and respond to notices and emails from your community
  • A platform through which to get current information about your community
  • And much more!

To ensure you receive all communication from NRP and your Community Management Team, please be sure to add to your “safe sender” list in your email.

To access your portal, visit To register click Login to Sign Up, with your contact information. Information will be validated and you will receive a login email with credentials. Then log in with the credentials you have received via email.  Please note, passwords are case sensitive.

Once you have entered your login information, be sure to click LOGIN.  Do not click Sign Up. 

We recommend you change your password upon logging into the system.  To do this, simply click “My Login” on the left side of the screen.  Once you enter your new password, you will automatically be directed to the “My Contact Info” page where you can update your contact information and communication preferences.  Unfortunately, there is no confirmation message that “pops up” to confirm you have changed your password – we are working with the software developers to hopefully add this feature!

We encourage you to explore your new portal and contact us with any questions.

If your home is owned by multiple people and additional login credentials are needed, simply visit the portal page, click Login in the upper right corner then click SIGN UP.  You will be prompted to enter basic information (name, address) and your request will then be sent to NRP for verification.  Login credentials will be emailed shortly after ownership verification.

NRP Owner Portal F A Q

I own more than one home in this community.  Can my accounts be linked?

Yes, please send a message providing the addresses of all homes you own and your mailing address.  Your accounts can then be linked.

Please note, to link these accounts, they must all be owned by the same person or entity and must all use the same mailing address.  In other words, if Joe Smith solely owns 123 Main Street but Joe and Pam Smith own 125 Main Street, these accounts cannot be linked.

I own a home in another association managed by NRP.  Can that account be linked as well?

Yes, the same answer as above!  Please send the addresses and mailing address for all properties you own and your accounts can be “linked.”

How can I make a payment?

Click on either the “Make a Payment” link or the large PAYMENTS button to be directed to the payments page.  From this page, you can sign up for auto draft, make one time or recurring eCheck payments from your checking or savings account or make a credit card payment.  There is a processing fee for credit card payments only.

If you prefer to mail your payment, you are encouraged to visit the “My Account” page, download an account statement with coupon and mail your payment, with the coupon, to the address on the coupon.

I want to see my account information.  Where can I find it?

Click on the “My Account” page to be directed to your full account information.  From this page, you can also download your account transaction report (account history) or print a statement with a coupon for mailing your assessments.

I can’t see the “My Account” link.

If your association is transitioning to management by NRP, the account page will not be available immediately.  During the first 30-60 days of management, we should receive account history information from prior management and import that into our system.  Once that import process is complete, you will be able to see the “My Account” link.

I want to sign up for auto draft.  How can I do that?

Auto draft is a convenient feature that allows automatic payment of your assessments each time they are due with no additional action required from you!  If the assessment changes, your auto-draft will automatically be adjusted.  To enroll in auto-draft, visit the payment areas of the portal.  Please note, you can only enroll in auto-draft when your account balance is $0.  If your account balance is not currently $0, consider making a one-time payment via eCheck which will be processed immediately.  You can then immediately sign up for auto-draft.

When your account is drafted, you will see notification such as “Owner Draft” appear on your bank statement or transaction report.

What is the “My Items” page?

This is your message and action board!  Everything that is processed through your owner portal is logged for easy reference in the future.  This includes payments, email notifications, requests, etc.  Each of these unique actions creates an “XN Number.”  This is our “ticket number” for tracking these actions.  You will find all your actions, with their associated XN number, listed in your “My Items” page.

You can sort your My Items page by clicking the header of each column.  You can sort by XN number, type of action, etc.

You can obtain more information on each action by “drilling down” into the action.  To do this, just click the small arrow on the left side of each action.

And finally, you can reply to any message by clicking the “Reply” button to the right of each action.

What is the difference between “ARC Request” and “Submit a Request?”

  • ARC usually refers to actions that must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee or Board of Directors. If you need to submit an application, use this link.  Be sure to attach your completed application with all the required information with your request.
  • “Submit a Request” is used to ask a billing question, request a fee waiver, request service, submit a work order or ask a general question.

Where can I see my community’s rules?

All of your association’s documents will be listed on the documents page.  Just click “Documents” on the left side of the page.  You will also find financial reports, meeting minutes and anything else shared by your Community Management Team or Board of Directors in this section.

What’s on the calendar?

The calendar will generally be used to list important community dates such as board meetings, annual meetings or social events.  Some communities will also use this area to document items such as reservations of clubhouses, loading docks or elevators.  Every community is different and the items on the calendar will vary based on your community.  Check back regularly for updates on this page.

I have a tenant in my unit.  How can I get information to my tenant?

Please create a General Question in the “Submit a Request” tab and provide your tenant information.  We can include your tenant’s emails to ensure any email sent to tenants is received by your tenant.  We would also like to include phone numbers in the event of an emergency and phone contact is necessary.

Please note, tenants will not have full access to your owner portal as this portal is intended for owners and contains account information.  If your tenant needs documents, you will need to assist your tenant by sending them these documents from the portal.

I am trying to send a message and my only option is NRP Communications.  Who is “NRP Communications?”

The website administrator at NRP is tasked with managing the communication traffic that arrives through the portal.  Your messages to NRP Communications will be delivered directly to the website administrator who will then route it to the appropriate NRP Team Member.

I want to send a message to my manager (or any other specific person at NRP).  How can I do that?

The owner portal helps ensure all requests are directed to the right person at NRP.  You simply need to send a General Question from the “Submit a Request” page and it will be directed to the right person to get a response to you quickly.

I can’t figure any of this out!  Who can I call for help?