NRP supports our wounded warriors and first responders-Here is an opportunity for you to join us!

A message from Betsy Johns, Partner, NRP:

As many of you know, I ride with my bike team every year in the FACE OF AMERICA bike ride to benefit our wounded warriors and first responders.  This ride not only raises funds for the cause, but it goes to funding these incredible adaptive athletes to be able to ride alongside us, something that is critical to their recovery.  If you saw the 110-mile route we take from the Pentagon to Gettysburg, with all those rolling hills, you’d be amazed!  There are usually around 600 riders with 200 of them on bikes adapted for their individual needs such as hand cycles.  You can imagine how humbling it is for me to be struggling to climb yet another huge hill only to have a wounded warrior pass me on a hand cycle!  But it also makes me proud I’ve been part of something that has made this challenge possible for those we are so indebted to for our freedom and safety.

I’ve always been proud to be a top fundraiser, and I’m asking you to support my efforts- I’ll do the hard work!  Please click on the link below to go to my home page to read more about the ride and donate to the cause.

Also, this year I have a very special new teammate who, in her own right, is a champion adaptive athlete. Her name is Tara.    She is missing 1 leg and wins competitions all the time around the nation.  I met her one day and was just drawn to her spirit and can-do attitude.  I told her and her friend she needed to be on our team so she could be an inspiration.   She agreed.   I’d really like to see her up there with me as a top fundraiser.

If you’d like to read more about Tara, the “no limits” Tri-paw please click on the link below!  That’s right, she is a dog!  She will be spreading her inspiration and support at all our rest stops.  And can you imagine how great it would be if a dog raised more funds than the humans!!  It’s all for a great cause!

Betsy’s home page link:

Tara’s home page link:

Thank you so much everyone!

Betsy  Johns