NRP Gives Back Wall

For Bosses’ Day this year the team wanted to do something different to show our appreciation for NRP’s Leaders, Jim Foley, President and Betsy Johns, CFO. We recently painted our entire office and realized we had been living with undecorated walls! With our bare walls in mind and our creative juices flowing we came up with the “NRP Gives Back” wall. As you may have seen from previous posts, NRP loves to give back to our community and take part in helping others. To showcase Jim and Betsy’s influence to making NRP an active contributor to the community we gathered t-shirts from the past 5 years of participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and framed them. Jim and Betsy were not only surprised they were blown away with the idea and thought it is a great way to display who we are as a company. We even have plenty of space to add more t-shirts and other memorabilia of NRP’s participation in many more charitable events to come. Next time you stop by the office feel free to check it out!