Each year, NRP holds an Annual Awards luncheon filled with food, fun and (most importantly) employee recognition. It is also a time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and reward our employees for their hard work and dedication.

Three awards are distributed during the event. Each award winner is selected by the employees of NRP through a secret ballot process overseen by Betsy Johns and Jim Foley.

The awards include; “Sharpen the Saw”, “Innovation” and “Customer Service”.

The Sharpen the Saw Award is given to an employee who makes the effort to gain industry or management systems knowledge and then shares what they’ve learned with co-workers. This award is intended to help create a learning environment for all.

The person who has the most innovative idea, and puts it into practice at NRP, earns the Innovation Award. This award is intended to create a culture of innovation and “out of the box” thinking.

The last, and most prestigious, award is the Customer Service Award. As the name would imply, this award is given to the team member who consistently provides outstanding customer service throughout the year.

This year’s award winners were:

Sharpen the Saw: Bo Russell

Innovation: Sarah Foley

Customer Service: Sheila McMullan

2014 was an outstanding year for NRP and we are very grateful to all who contributed to our success!