April Meza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM named NRP’s Director of Association Management

I know we’ve all had “pearls of wisdom” bestowed upon us by parents, friends or other significant people in our lives. Two of my personal favorites were given to me by my Dad. If he said it once, he said it a 1,000 times; “Jim, always surround yourself with people that are at least as good as you are, preferably better.” And then there was, “Jim, there is nothing more important than your reputation, it’s the only thing you’ll ever truly own.”

Well, those two gems have proven to be valuable beyond measure for me. I have been extremely fortunate to work with and become friends with some of the most thoughtful, engaged, giving and intelligent people throughout my career. April Meza is one of those people. Since I met her eight years ago, I have watched her grow as a person and as a professional. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable in the areas of association governance, fiscal management, construction, personnel management and contract management. In addition, she has proven to be a quiet leader as she consistently sets the example for other Team Members to follow.

As of today, I am very pleased to announce April has been promoted to NRP’s Director of Association Management. April’s duties will include the supervision of NRP’s Team of Portfolio Managers and all administrative duties and functions related directly to the management of NRP’s portfolio of Common Interest Communities.

Jim Foley
National Realty Partners, LLC