It’s a great feeling…

Promoting from within.

Attracting, hiring and training quality associates are the three most important responsibilities of any Team Leader.  Having the honor of promoting from within is validation of a Team Leaders’ job well done.

And, it makes you feel great!

NRP’s Office Manager and Team Leader, Lili Martinez, CMCA, AMS, has proven this to be true a number of times since her arrival at NRP (as NRP’s very first Admin Assistant) six years ago.

Today, as NRP’s Office Manager, Lili oversees a team of five admin assistants as well as NRP’s Architectural Department.

In the Fall of 2012, Lili encouraged Michelle Baquero to join our Team as an Administrative Assistant.  This would be Michelle’s second job after graduating from Roanoke College with a Business Admin. degree.  Soon after her arrival Michelle expressed an interest in becoming a Portfolio Manager.  Michelle worked hard, listening intently as her Portfolio Manager April Ludtke and Lili Martinez taught her the “ins and outs” of Common Interest Community and office administrative management.

Michelle worked hard.  She volunteered to assist co-workers in the office whenever she saw a need.  She attended Board Meetings and Annual Meetings with her manager.  She attended classes with CAI, earning the CMCA and AMS designations before her second anniversary with NRP.

On Monday of last week Lili was honored to announce that Michelle had EARNED a promotion as NRP’s newest Portfolio Manager.

Congratulations Michelle!  Well Played!

But wait…there’s more!

Jessica “Jess” Schroeder joined our Team February 24, 2014.  Jessica came to NRP soon after after her December 2013 graduation from Slippery Rock University with a degree in Communications.

Jess was hired as an Architectural Inspector in NRP’s Arch Dept.  This position demands that an individual possess poise, patience, terrific communication and organizational skills and an above average knowledge base in the areas of common interest community governance and building architecture.

Well, suffice to say, Jess took to this new position much the same way a Pit bull would greet a pork chop.

Jess immediately proved to be a confident self starter, taking direction extremely well and asking for advice when she needed too.  She has proven to be dependable, has exhibited incredible customer service skills and seems to be completely unflappable.  Over the last two years Jess has been offered and has embraced additional responsibilities within the Arch Department numerous times.

Whenever Jess is asked to take on an extra task her favorite response is always, “Sure!  Not a problem!”

On Friday of last week Lili was honored to announce that Jess had EARNED a promotion, as well.  Jess is now the Manager of NRP’s Architectural Inspections and Resale Team.

Congratulations Jess!  Well Played!

Oh.  And, by the way, I think it would be fitting to announce Lili’s new honorary title, as well.  “Team Leader Extraordinaire

Thanks for validating, Lili !

Job Well Done x 2!!